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Children today spend most of their time in front of the television or games console. Getting them to play outdoors can be difficult unless you have something to tempt them with, like outdoor play equipment.

Yes, you need to sort of bribe and encourage them to play outdoors with this outdoor equipment so that they can experience these many benefits.

1. Better behavior

Sitting all day at home on the couch eating processed junk food can make children edgy and restless wherein they may even put up some temper tantrums. However if you have some outdoor play equipment at home, your children have an outlet to vent out all their pent up energy. They can swing, climb and run to their heart’s content on the play things to burn off their excess energy to end up feeling calmer and rationalized in their behavior.

2. Sense of responsibility

It’s also been proven through studies that children with free access to toys for fun have better self-control. They develop a sense of freedom generated from the responsibility of having their own outdoor play equipment to play with. Though this is an indirect benefit, it’s definitely something to think about!

3. Improved confidence and imagination

When you look at the play equipment, all you may be able to see is an assembly of wood and metal. However don’t think that that’s only what your children see. To them, the equipment may seem more like a fort or fairytale castle which they will play on using their imagination.

So in a way, playing on these play sets will help the children develop their imagination and confidence levels. Moreover, most play sets today have slides, chutes, ladders, swings, monkey bars and cubby holes for children to try out, experiment and imagine with!

4. Have your kids in front of you

Outdoor play equipment let you have your children in front of you while they play, which is not possible if you send them to the local play park. Let your children enjoy themselves, while you keep a constant watch on them.

5. Improved motor skills

Not only do computer games, even playing on outdoor play sets can help improve your child’s motor skills. They slowly develop their hand to eye co-ordination, strength, balance and sense of reflexes as they play on the outdoor play equipment every day.

6. Save time and money

You also indirectly save your time and money with these play things at home. There’s no need of your going to the local park for your kids to play on the equipment there. You have everything at home, so there’s no need of your keeping time aside to entertain them. There’s also no need of spending money on ice-cream, snacks and juices as you go and return from the park!

Looking at all these reasons and benefits, it’s really a good idea investing, and not spending on outdoor play equipment. That is because you don’t just buy the equipment; once you invest in them, it gives you your child’s happiness and enjoyment in return. In fact, if you can afford it, this is a much better investment than anything else as you can continue with your work as you know your child is busy and entertained on the play things!

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