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You will come to discover that your kid actually needs some well designed outdoor playground, right? This is the kind of playground that will not only offer fun but also take into account the health of your kind. It will also ensure that he gets the best learning experience especially from interacting with other kids and obtaining new skills.

Interestingly, you can have the outdoor toys and playsets right at your backyard where your kid can actually have fun while playing just around the vicinity besides enjoying the fresh air around. With the outside playground, there are different categories of playsets that will match your kid depending on the age group that he/she falls into. Here are some of these playsets and toys :

1. Trampolines and Trampoline Accessories

With a very durable enclosure, you will find that your kid together with his/her friends will enjoy bouncing on the trampoline which is strong and sturdy. Its stretchy and bouncy nature will leave the children completely thrilled as they jump on it!

2. Swings, Slides and Swing Sets for kids

Type:Plastic outdoor playground
Size:Base On Your Request
1.Plastic:Imported south Korea LLDPE plastic,galvanized steel pipe
2.Deck:Automatic punching machines skid-proof,water-proof
3.Post:Hot-dip galvanizing outside diameter : 114mm and thickness is 2.6mm
4.Screw:Stainless steel

Production Period:10-15 Days
Packing Method: Cotton fabric inside and plastic film outside
Painting :Use the painting flow line machine,well-mixed
Applied Range:Parks,school,restaurant,child care facilities,Institutions and other area of public use

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